What we offer

We offer a range of services that are tailored to your individual needs and requirements:

Appointments & Assessment - Mary Thornton

All new clients to the studio require an hours individual assessment. This involves discussing your medical history and symptoms followed by a physical examination to determine the best course of treatment for you. Mary also offers private appointments in 30, 45, 60 minute slots as well as 2:1 sessions.

  • Physiotherapy assessment with Mary : £65

  • Appointments with Mary: 30 min - £38, 45min - £48, 60 min - £58

  • 2:1 with Mary: £34 per person

Unfortunately due to high demand Mary’s waiting list has now been closed. At present I have no capacity to take on new clients, however if you would like to stay updated on our availability please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom left of this page (September 2019)

Studio Sessions

Our Studio Sessions involve either private or a 2:1 session with a Pilates Teacher. They are 1 hour individual exercise sessions based on the results of your assessment. They can be either matwork-based or can involve classic Pilates equipment (Reformer, Wunda Chair and Trapeze Table).

  • Pilates Teacher: Private - £42, 2:1 - £29

Matwork Classes

These are mat-based Pilates sessions with a maximum of 9 clients to ensure everybody receives individual attention. These run along side the school terms of 6 weeks. If you are new to Pilates you will require a 1:1 session prior to joining.

  • 6 week block (no refunds on classes missed) from : £57

Backcare class

These classes are specifically for those who have back-related symptoms and need to progress their rehabilitation in a controlled group with a Physiotherapist or Clinical Pilates trained teacher. This is a mat-based session with a maximum of 9 clients to ensure everybody receives individual attention an assessment is required before joining.

  • 6 week block (no refunds on classes missed) from: £57

Restorative flow

An extended 75 minute class with Mary Thornton focusing on releasing tension in the body with gentle fluid movement patterns then gradually building up the pace to generate an energetic flow of exercises to improve co ordination, fascial release & build functional strength, finishing with deep relaxation to restore. This is a mat-based session with a maximum of 8 clients to ensure everybody receives individual attention. These run along side the school terms of 6 weeks.

  • 6 week block (no refunds on classes missed): £69

Teacher Training

We offer one day workshop for Physiotherapists, Pilates teachers and movement therapists wishing to expand and deepen their knowledge of Clinical Pilates. These workshops are taught by Mary Thornton, Chartered Physiotherapist. A Certificate of Attendance is given to each attendee at the end of the workshop which may be used towards your CPD.

Terms & Conditions

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I have been coming to the Studio for about a year and am working with the team, who I can’t recommend highly enough. I had always had a rounded back through years of bad posture, and had given up wearing fitted clothes because they always emphasised the shape of my back. Thanks to being shown the right exercises and practising them regularly at home, I have seen an amazing improvement in my posture which I had not believed possible at the age of 62! Perhaps best of all, I can now spend hours at the piano without backache, something I had not been able to do since studying music at college over thirty years ago. When I recently had to ease back into Pilates after two debilitating operations, they gave me so much more than just Pilates instruction; with a combination of extraordinary professionalism, enthusiasm, warmth and encouragement, she showed me how to get back to exercising in safe and appropriate ways. Although I wish I had found The Clinical Pilates Studio sooner, I am just delighted to have learnt that it really is never too late to improve your posture or to learn how to stay supple for the years ahead.
— Linda Ebrey