Physiotherapy is defined by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists as "primarily the use of physical means to restore reduced or impaired activity". To some, it may sound daunting but it is a hugely beneficial therapy for rehabilitation.

Hypermobility & Physiotherapy:

Mary Thornton has a special interest in treating hypermobility syndromes. Over the past 20 years Mary has developed a treatment programme to help manage patients with a wide array of symptoms to help improve posture, balance, joint stability, breathing techniques, relaxation, muscle strength & endurance.

Mary runs regular workshops for patients & movement teachers to help educate ways of managing this common condition.

“Mary was engaging, great humor, smart, had great information that was conveyed well, mixed with practical applications. Great use of time, was organized. Her slides were excellent, easy to read and understand. I would definitely go to another presentation that she would deliver in the future”.
— PMA conference, Las Vagas 2018


One of our highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapists will discuss your past and present medical history as well daily activities. Then, via observation and movement, we analyse your posture, joint range of movement and muscle activity to identify any problems. From this an appropriate treatment programme will be devised. All discussion and treatment is in the strictest confidence.

Treatment may include:

Exercise programmes: 
Helping you restore your mobility and strengthen your muscles.

Posture education:
Teaching you how to hold & move your body more effectively to reduce pain or avoid stress on joints.

Facilitation of joint movement to help reduce pain and stiffness.

Specific release or manipulation of soft tissue to ease muscle tension.

Breathing techniques:
Education on how to use your breath to enhance control of movement, aid relaxation or general improved sense of wellbeing.



Prevention is better then cure. Physiotherapy using Clinical Pilates can help educate you about your posture and how to move in everyday life thereby helping the body relearn basic movements. It also incorporates balance exercises to help prevent falls and use of the breath to aid relaxation.

I have been under Mary’s care for various stress & strains, wear and tear and malfunctioning of my ageing body. Without fuss and uncanny insight she assesses immediately what and where the problem lies and with a sure touch, based presumably on long experience and a quite remarkable expertise proceeds to start the process of putting it right - all with astute mix of firm authority and caring understanding. In short - she is a god!
— Monica Stoodley